Other Straitline Divisions- Timber

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Other Straitline Divisions- Timber

Being in the Timber business for over a decade, Straitline Timber is Colorado’s premier fabricator and installer.  With our, “Lead by example” work ethic and highly skilled craftsmen, we have the knowledge and skills to build any project.  Large or small scale, we do it all. Everything from design to construction including- post and beam work, custom timber trusses, mill work and installation services.  Start to finish, you can count on our team to build your dream project, just as you imagined it.

Custom Timber Trusses With our new 10,000 sq. ft. facility, we cut and fabricate all our timber trusses and accents indoors to assure you the very best quality and craftsmanship.

Design & Engineering We offer in house design and engineering from a licensed structural engineer and can provide you a stamped set of drawings.

Millwork Services Our craftsmen can build or cut all types of timber accents for your next project such as corbels, knee braces, shutters and pendants.

Construction Services At Straitline Timber Co. our quality crews will erect or install any of our products if needed.

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